Best Content Writing and Content Marketing Tools

Content Writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content by Content Marketing Tools, typically for digital marketing purposes and Content Writers are professional writers who produce engaging content for online uses. Content Marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online, and who is done these jobs is named Content Marketer.

To write attractive and engaging SEO content some free and paid tools are needed. These tools are listed below:

Topic Selection by Using Content Writing Tools

To select a great content topic idea, you can use these content writing tools. It will help you to find a new content topic idea.

  1. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator 
  2. Google Search 
  3. Google Trends 
  4. Topic research tool (SEMrush)
  5. Competitor website analysis by (SEMrush)
  6. Google analytics 
  7. Quora 
  8. BuzzSumo

Keyword research for Content Writing

For content writing and content marketing targeting keyword research is necessary. The keyword can help you to rank your content to the top of the search engine. Keyword research tools are:

  1. Google Keyword Planner 
  2. Google trends 
  3. Google search console 
  4.  SEMrush 

Keyword research is a must for a standard SEO title. Without Keyword research you can not rank your content to the Search engine. For better research, I can assist you. For my assistance, Contact Me.

Write a killer title and opener

The title must be keyword based, well written, and under 58 characters because Well prepared title tags can rank your site in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Openers need to be under 150 characters and should be well prepared because it will be visualized with titles on the search engines. To generate a title and a perfect opener, these tools will help you.

  1. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator
  2. SEMrush
  3. Word Counter (you can count your character, word, and Keyword density checker here)
  4. Small SEO Tools (Keyword density checker, Plagiarism)

If you need a killer SEO Title and Opener, You can easily take my Service from Fiverr gig.

Write Content Description with Infographic and Video

Informative, detailed description with professional-looking graphics, infographics, and videos can assist you to increase organic reach in your blog or pages. By using the following tools, you can create eye-catching images, animations, and videos.

  1. Grammarly (Spell Checker)
  2. Canva(professional-looking graphics, infographics can be produced by it)
  3. Snappa(professional-looking graphics, infographics can be produced by it)
  4. Filmora (Video editor)
  5. Camtasia (Video editor)
  6. Kinemaster ((Video editor for mobile users)
  7. Adobe premiere rush (Video editor for mobile users)

Content Marketing Tools

  1. Email marketing with MailChimp 
  2. Yoast (optimizes websites to make them more search engine friendly) 
  3. Optimizely (Content optimization tools) 
  4. WordPress (If you want to publish content you need to create a WordPress blog) 
  5. Social share buttons with MashShare 
  6. HootSuite (Manage social media-paid tool)


Nowadays Content Marketing is a big opportunity. Many talented people are now choosing Content Marketing as their profession. Great Content can be created by using these Content Marketing tools. If you have trouble using these tools or you want to avoid the hassle of writing engaging content, you can take my service from Fiverr.

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