Home garden meets the food needs of our family as well as makes the neighborhood impressive



The system integrating different corporal, social, and money-making purposes on the land area around the family home is known as the home garden. It is so important for rural and urban areas because it is situated near the water source and better protected from floods and wild animals. A home garden is a mixed cropping system encircled vegetables, spices, fruits, plantation crops, medicinal plants, herbs, ornamental plants as well as livestock for an additional source of money and food.


The lands surrounding the home that are not suitable for field crops or fodder cultivation are highly recommendable for making a home garden because of their size, topography, or location. Home gardening may be possible even for the families that have very little land or no land at all because of the new innovations and techniques.

There are some characteristics of a this garden. They are-

  1. The home garden is contiguous with the home.
  2. There’s contain a high variety of plants.
  3. In the home garden, there’s a close connection between family members and plants.
  4. Simple hand tools are used in home gardens.
  5. Enough space utilization can be seen in the home garden.

Importance of home garden

The main purpose of a home garden is growing and producing food items for family consumption but they can also grow some medicinal plants for producing native medicines, some ornamental plants for impressing people’s minds. The importance of the home garden is given below-

  1. Food items from home gardens contribute enough energy and nutrients to the family in an endless way.
  2. It improves food security.
  3. Women play an important role in food production through gardening. For this reason, women’s status is uplifted.
  4. These comprise a variety of elements and species that represent social and traditional aspects of different societies. For this reason, It conserves native knowledge and build combined societies.
  5. Bibliographic evidence shows that home gardens add income generation, upgraded livelihoods as well as promoting entrepreneurship.
  6. Environmental benefits from home gardens are to recycle water and waste nutrients to control shade, dust, and erosion and to maintain the local ecosystem.

Increasing beauty of home

To grow their own product at home is so popular in the last decade as it encircles three huge trends:

to eat clean food, to save money, and to know the exact way where food comes from. Home gardens will be so much eye-catching if anyone can follow these ideas-

  1. Raising bed with wooden made borders look glossy looking to have any vegetable garden, ornamental garden existed in the backyard at home.
  2. To use edging tools throughout the vegetable beds will create a different look. Associating similar vegetable types together will also preclude the beds from looking disorderly.
  3. To grow vegetables in hanging pots is a superb idea to make your house garden beautiful.
  4. To reflect the personality, the heart-shaped vegetable, the ornamental plot is an awesome idea to make the home excellent.
  5. Vertical gardening is a way in which vegetables are grown in a trendy way where spaces are short and the home garden seems too beautiful.

Home garden Increases beauty of neighborhood

The ornamental plants in the house garden increase the beauty of the neighborhood. If plants can be planted in a good plan then the beauty will be increased more. The plants such as jasmine, Bagan blush, etc are placed on the front side of the main gate then it will look very interesting. It will increase the beauty of the place. Also at night jasmine grouped flowers give a sweet fragrance on which the people passing through the road can enjoy the beauty. The flowers such as rose, gardenia, marigold, yesterday -today- tomorrow, Musandam, china rose, etc can be placed according to their height at different sides. Auracharia, thuja, mimusop, etc plants can be placed in the house garden. By planting this type of plant in a home, the beauty of the nature of this area will be increased more. It will fulfill the aesthetic needs of the people and also for the people of the home.


Beautiful home gardens appeal to our minds. The colors and tremendous diversity of design, aroma, flavors, sound from birds, and insects fascinated the people.

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