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How to increase organic reach on Facebook

Is your organic reach on Facebook getting down day by day? Don’t worry here is your solution. To increase your organic reach on Facebook just keep reading the following topic and act accordingly, I hope your Facebook organic reach will definitely increase.

Non-peak times are usually the best time for Facebook page post

There are two main factors for this : 

First is the competition. Fewer pages post during off-peak times, so you have fewer posts to compete against. I’d rather reach a large portion of a small audience than a small portion of a large audience.

Secondly, just because you’re not posting during the peak time doesn’t mean your post won’t be visible at that time.

In fact, it can do better. Posting before the peak time gives your initial small audience the chance to interact with your post. This gives your post the chance to get a higher score in the algorithm. With this momentum, it’s more likely that your post will have a high enough score to top news feeds of users during the peak time.

Followers usually prefer the following topics:

post something personal, real, and interesting (transparent).get more likes, comments, shares (engagement) than usual. That specific post will have a large reach. That score will contribute to the scores of future posts, giving future content a larger reach than normal.

Don’t be afraid to show your face:

Your followers want to know who the people behind your brand are. It helps to build trust and relationships.

Ways to encourage more interaction on your posts

Ask questions:

You love it when you get comments and questions. It gives you a chance to interact with your followers on a more personal level and provide more value.

Don’t ask a general question like, What’s the best social media tool?

It doesn’t work well because it addresses a crowd in general.  Additionally, it’s hard to answer. Who really knows what the best tool is? No one wants to look wrong on social media.
Instead, focus the question on something personal that only each user can answer. Ask this type of question:  What’s your favorite social media tool? 
Here, you’re asking for a personal opinion. Opinions can’t be wrong, so people are more likely to comment. Also, you’re asking a personal question. Always include the words “you” or “your.” You want your readers to know that you care about what they think.

Respond to comments:

Sometime you should post “Fill in the _____ (blank)”:
Don’t be afraid to get creative with your posts to encourage engagement.  For instance, you could post:  This Christmas, I want to get _______  Holiday-themed fill-in-the-blanks posts often perform best because there are a lot of emotions associated with holidays. To manage your Social Media Account, You can take my Fiverr Gig Service.

Organic post targeting can take your engagement to a new level

What organic post targeting allows you to do is choose to what part of your audience you want to show your post. Let’s go through a few examples of targeting…
Example post: “7 Ways get more shares on Facebook”  Good targeting settings: Interests: Social Media Examiner, Amy Porter field, Buffer  Example post: “7 Ways to get more dates”  Good targeting settings: Relationship status: Single

Informational images: Such as..

Videos usually get more shares:

Those images are great, but videos can still crush them. Everyone hates reading long pages of text, and infographics only work for simple topics. With videos, you eliminate both of those problems. Videos are stimulating and entertaining, plus the visual imagery eliminates the boredom of having to read long technical content.


The higher Facebook page’s reach is, the more of your following you can reach with your posts. This means more traffic, engagement, and ultimately sales. There’s one last final important lesson I need to leave you with: Good Content always has an objective; its created with intent. It, therefore, carries triggers to action. If you have trouble using these tools or you want to avoid the hassle of writing engaging content, you can take my service from Fiverr.
Having deep connections with a small audience is much more important than having a large reach with shallow connections. With these steps in hand, you can begin plotting your Facebook marketing strategy today. Anything we missed? Comment below with steps you’ve taken to find success on Facebook!

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