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Lalbagh Botanical Garden is an attractive place of recreation in India for tourism and eco-development.

A botanical garden serves a country in different ways. Currently there are 1775 botanical gardens in almost 148 countries of the world. India has around 131 botanical gardens among them Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one of the most attractive one. 

Brief Introduction of Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Location :  South Bengaluru, India.

Total Area:  240 acres

Founding Year: 1856

Founder  :  Hyder Ali

Plant Diversity : 

More than 1000 plant species are available in this botanical garden. The garden includes many trees which are aged more than 100 years. There are also many exotic flowers in this garden. 

Animal Diversity :

 This botanical garden is the habitat of many insects, snakes, spiders, butterflies and rare birds like Myna, Brahminy Kites, Parakeets, Purple Moorhen etc.

Main Attractions:

Bi annual flower show, Lalbagh Rock, The Glass House, Floral Clock, Lalbagh Lake

Why go to Lalbagh Botanical Garden

In addition to a variety of plants and animals, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden has many attractions that attract tourists from different corners of the world. Some major attractions the garden are as follows-

Flower Shows

The flower show is a show of spectacle to behold. The show takes place twice in a year. Once in January during the Indian Republic day and the other in August during the independence day of the country. The specialty of the show is that the flowers are arranged following a specific theme. It continues from 9 am to 6 pm.  In the morning, all the flowers are in full bloom with all their colors. On the other hand, the lights up of the glass house makes the show magical and ethereal. 

The Glass House 

The glass house is modeled like the Crystal Palace of London. The house is made of glass and iron and many rarer species of plants are kept here. It is used for displaying flowers during the flower shows.

Lalbagh botanical garden Rock

Lalbagh Rock is a ‘National Geological Monument’. It is claimed that the rock is  one of the oldest rocks in the world with 3000 million years old.

The Floral Clock

The floral clock of this botanical garden is a natural clock made of many flower plants. The garden in which the floral clock is Placed is decorated as the theme Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which attracts the Children much.

Lalbagh Lake

It is a natural lake alongside the garden. Boating is allowed in the lake which presents another attraction to the visitors. 

Though Lalbagh botanical garden is in the heart of the city, it presents a natural view for the visitors. Visitors come here and get a touch of nature. Visitors come to Lalbagh Botanical Garden from far and wide to get a touch of  nature moving out of the mechanical city life.

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