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Ramsagar National Park is conducive to environmental development and economic prosperity of Dinajpur Sadar Upazila.

The place Ramsagar is called Ramsagar National Park. The place which may be set aside for the purposes of public amusement and enjoyment or because of its historical or scientific interest known as National Park.

In Bangladesh, it is located at Dinajpur Sadar Upazila in Dinajpur District in the north-west of the country. The Park is 27.76 hectare in size and is built around a large water lake known as “Ramsagar Dighi”.The lake is 1079m in length and 192.6m in width. The lake was dug by Raja Ram Nath Ray in the 18th century. 15 million workers were needed to dig it and the cost was 30,000 taka.

Plant species

There are 393 heterogeneous species are present in Ramsagar National Park. Among them, 272 plant species, 24 waterfowl and birds, 14 miscellaneous fauna, and 84 species of fish are found at Ramsagar National Park. Among the plant species weed, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, timber plants, fruit

plants, aquatic plants, spices, palm trees, etc are found.


The place is very important for the area of Dinajpur Sadar Upazila. The trees provide shade, air, fruits, etc. We know trees are a very important part of maintaining the environmental condition. The tree and the plant species keep the environment free from natural calamities. They keep the air free from
erosion. Total rainfall also maintains. The ornamental plants and trees increase the beauty of Ramsagar National Park. The trees give different fruits in their fruiting seasons.

Ramsagar National Park is also known as a tourist place to the people of the northern region of Bangladesh. Here people from different regions come to enjoy and visit the place.

The lake is the main part of Ramsagar National Park. The size and beauty give more pleasure and enjoyment of the visitors.

It is also an earning source for the local people. During the fruiting season, they sell different fruits. They also sell nuts, potatoes, etc to the visitors. So, it has also economic value.

It also offers a wide range of recreational facilities such as fishing, boating, swimming, photography, observation of wildlife etc.


Ramsagor National Park Dinajpur

Ecotourism is a durable form of land contributing to environmental conservation. It provides socio-economic benefits to the native people through some nonconsumptive uses of natural biological resources.

Promoting the environment-friendly business is the main motive of ecotourism. It helps to generate local income. In real life, ecotourism is economically sustainable at the national and local levels.

The Ramsagar National Park has so much strange type of ecosystem because of its interesting environmental condition. It provides good outdoor recreational opportunities.

In the future, the place can be the most important tourist place in Bangladesh. The government needs to take special care and plans for increasing the beauty of Ramsagar National Park.

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