saffron a beautiful flower from which we get expensive spice

Best Production technology of Saffron

Production technology of Saffron Bengali name “Jafran”, saffron in English. Scientific name of Saffron is Crocus sativus? Saffron is the most expensive and rare plant in the world. It is also called “Red gold” because it is too expensive. Saffron costs around  6 lakh to 10 lakh Taka per kg. It is not difficult to…

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edible Mushroom production technology

Basic Production Technology of Mushroom

Basic Production Technology of Mushroom Mushroom cultivation technology is very easy and anyone can cultivate it in the indoor area of their house. The man was nomadic for many years.  Their survival mainly depended on roots, fruit, and hunting animals for food. Eventually, man learns the culture of cultivation. Man learns agriculture by observing nature.…

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