Top 15 Most Attractive, Long-lived, and Affordable Plants for Home Decoration.

The place where we live permanently is called home. As a member of the family, all the human being belongs to home. The home provides us a safe and settled life. A good looking house helps to reduce our stress and anxiety. The decoration of the house also affects the mood of the inhabitants. The mood of the place and the attention of other people also affected by the decoration of the home. Besides increasing the appeal of the room, a well-decorated house increases our social status. However, various plant species can be used to decorate home. Nowadays the usage of plants for home decoration is increasing. While choosing a plant for the home we just think about, Why we will use this plant? How long the plant would serve? and Is the plant affordable? As such, let’s take a look at some indoor plants which can fulfill our requirements regarding home decoration.

Name of the Plant

1. Bunny Ear Cactus

Reason for Attraction: It can control the humidity of the room. It needs to be watered once in a week.
Lifetime: 1-2 years
Price ( In BDT) : 1000 – 3000taka.

2. Rubber plant

Reason for Attraction: Rubber trees improve air quality by absorbing bacteria. It can remove 50 – 60% bacteria and mold from the room.
Lifetime: 32 years.
Price ( In BDT) : 900 taka

3.Snake plant

Reason of Attraction: It releases more oxygen as compared to other plants. Also used for aesthetic value.
Lifetime: 5-10 years
Price ( In BDT) : 250taka.

4. Aloe vera – both medicinal and home decoration plant

Reason for Attraction: Aloe Vera has high healing property with a unique look.
Lifetime: 1-2 years
Price ( In BDT) : 50 – 500taka

5. Money plant

Reason for Attraction: Acts as an anti radiator and purifies the air. Besides, it helps to reduce stress.
Lifetime: 10-15 years
Price ( In BDT) : 350-450 taka

6. Jade Plants

Reason for Attraction: Planting a Jade plant in the home considered auspicious. It removes toluene and strong-smelling chemicals from the room.
Lifetime: 70 to 100 years.
Price ( In BDT) : 800- 1400taka

7. Christmas tree – a short termed home decoration plant

Reason for Attraction: It symbolizes love, harmony, wisdom, etc
Lifetime: 4 to 5 weeks
Price ( In BDT) : 450-500 taka

8. Heart leaf philodendron

Reason for Attraction: This plant has air cleaning quality. Besides adding oxygen it filters toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.
Lifetime : 4 to 5 months flower
Price ( In BDT) : 900-1000 taka (imported), 600 tk ( local variety)

9. Boston Fern plant

Reason for Attraction: This plant purifies air by absorbing Xylene, Toluene.
Lifetime: with their full potential, some ferns can live for 100 years.
Price ( In BDT) : 500-550 taka

10. Anthurium

Reason for Attraction: This plant decreases stress level by removing ammonia, xylene, toluene.
Lifetime: 4 to 6 weeks.
Price ( In BDT) : 1450-1500 taka.

11. Orchids – a colourful and fragrant plant commonly grown for

home decoration

Reason for Attraction: Orchids are attractive and charming. Besides, they provide the perfect complement to our environment and reduce seasonal ailments.
Lifetime: With proper care, an orchid plant may live for 100 years.
Price ( In BDT) : 700 taka (dandrobium)

12. Succulents

Reason for Attraction: Besides improving air quality and humidity, these plants improve our focus, enhance our memory and increase pain tolerance.
Lifetime: Succulents grow offsets to replace themselves. The main plants live to 3 – 4 years but produce lots of offsets.
Price ( In BDT) : 400-1500 taka

13. Kalanchoe

Reason of Attraction : Besides providing colourful flowers, this plant reduce airborne dust levels and improves humidity.
Lifetime : More than one year
Price ( In BDT) : 250 -400 taka

14. Thi spider

Reason of Attraction :It produces oxygen, purify air by absorbing carbon monoxide
Lifetime : More than 20 years.
Price ( In BDT) : 400-450 taka

15. ZZ Plant

Reason of Attraction : Help us to feel better and also helps to heal our injuries faster.
Lifetime : 6 months.
Price ( In BDT) : 1100-1200 taka

Human beings have a close connection with nature. Presence of green and colorful plants in our living place can adorn us with nature. Undoubtedly it can be stated that home decoration plants offer a lot of benenits to us. They improve the mood of our living place with their beauty and also give us a healthy life by improving and purifying the air condition of the house. Those who have to lead a busy city life, indoor plants are the only way to adorn their home with nature. The natural feelings in home soothes our mind and the air purifying benefits of various indoor plants keep our health free. Since, the above mentioned plants are available, long lived and can be bought within a limited budget, it’s time we got indoor plants in our sweet home.


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