Top 20 Agri machinery and their uses, that will blow your Brain

Top 20 Agri machinery and their uses, that will blow your Brain

For providing food for the increasing population, mechanization of the Agricultural sector or agri machinery is necessary. Research shows that using a powerful machine will increase the productivity of the soil. Following this concept and considering the socio-economic status of the farmers of our country different types of machines are invented which may very useful to farmers.

At present days, the price of diesel engines is comparatively low so that this type of machine is purchased by the people of remote areas. For this production cost become a lower and different type of use of power tiller machine reduce labor and time. If crops are not carefully processed, it will cause economic damage. So from farming to marketing mechanization is necessary.

1. High-speed rotary titter:

4-5 tillage have to give for dry land if conventional power tiller is used,  on the other hand by using high-speed rotary tiller just 1-2 tillage is enough for dry land.

Characteristic of this agri machinery:

1) As it prepares land just by 1-2 tillage, it will save time.

2) High-speed rotary blade of this machine breaks soil clods very easily.

3) It can prepare 0.1 hector land in one hour.

4) It will cost 3400 takas per hectare for total land preparation.

5) The price of a high-speed rotary tiller is 50000 taka.

2. Power tiller has driven inclined plate cider:

If seeds are planted in rows, it will be very easy for weeding,  intercultural operation,  harvesting the land, and crops get enough light and air so that production will increase. A power Tiller machine is invented for sowing seeds in rows maintaining the same distance. This machine will help for sowing rice, wheat, Lentil, etc.

Characteristic :

1. It will help to plant a seed in proper depth.

2. 30-40 % seed loss can be control again germination rate will increase 10-15%

3. It will cost 60 takas per hector of planting

3.Bed planter:

Potato,  Maize,  Chill, and different types of vegetables are cultivated by preparing farrow in our country. Crop producing in bed gets enough air again the supply of irrigation water is very easy. So that the products become high. They ensure an easy supply of water on the other hand drain out water effectively.

Characteristic :

1. Bed preparation, fertilizer application, and seed sowing can be done together in a single plowing.

2. seeds can be sown in the permanent seedbed.

3. Without harvesting crops seed can be sown.

4. grain cutting machine- An Automatic agri machinery

Different types of grains like wheat, maize, rice can be harvested easily using this machine. The mind-blowing fact about this machine is it super fast, easy to handle, and labor-consuming.

Characteristics :

1)Average speed is 5.9 Kph.

2)Peaking capacity is 135 tones/hr.

3)It is amazingly user-friendly.

5. Power-driven corn threshing machine: 

A unique featured of the agri machinery which becomes a milestone invention for this modern era. It does not only separate the corn grains and cob but also its damage rate still very low.

Characteristics :

1) Its machine power is 1.5-2.2 KW.

2) Its spindle speed is 1800r/min.

3) Very easy to operate.

4) Its seed damage rate 0.02% and cob damage rate 7% only.

6. powered threshing machine:  

It’s a sort of power-driven threshing machine and is used in the removal of the seeds stalks and husks. It works by beating the plant and making the seeds fall out.

Characteristics :

The threshing rate is more than 97%

Crop damage rate is 3-5%

Grains derived from this process are in purified form, this machine has two fans that work in the purification process.

Net capacity ~ 1-1.5 tons/hr.

7. Potato lifting machine – An interesting agri machinery: 

This machine is widely used for lifting potatoes out of ridge soil and also for separating soil from the potatoes.

Characteristics :

Capable of digging 16 rows of potatoes.

Easy to handle.

Separates traces, soil, and stones from the potatoes.

8. Power-driven potato grading machine:

Potato grading is done to increase the economical demand for potatoes. This task is done by the labor of cold storage where potatoes stored at a lower temperature. They need lots of labor and cost for grading.  A power-driven potato grading agri machinery which can save time, money, and labor for this job.

Characteristic :

1. Potatoes can be picked in 3-7 layers.

2. Grading size can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements. The speed of work will be controlled.

9. power-driven grain threshing machine:

In all areas of Bangladesh, farmers usually beat the paddy by hand or thresh it with the help of cows. This increases the cost of threshing as it takes a lot of labor. Due to the non-threshing of traditional methods during rains, a lot of paddy and wheat is wasted and the quality is reduced. The production of paddy and wheat in the country has increased more than before. As a result, it has become difficult to thresh in the traditional way or with a foot-operated threshing machine. That is why power-threshing machines have been invented.

Characteristic :

1. With this machine paddy, wheat and pulses can be threshed.

2. With this agri machinery, relatively good results are obtained by threshing 50-60 cm long grains.

3. The threshing capacity of the machine is increased by using low humidity threshing crops.

4. The threshing capacity is about 6 times more than a foot-operated threshing machine.

5. The machine can thresh 930 kg of paddy and 340 kg of wheat per hour.

10. Mango picker:

In Bangladesh, round bamboo baskets are commonly used for picking mango. So that a mesh made of jute or nylon is used in a pole. The basket is mounted on bamboo. In this method, the mango stem is torn at the end, which causes the mango stem to rot. This reduces both the lifespan and market price of mango. That is why Bari has invented a mango picker machine that can pick mangoes with a 10-20 mm long stem.

Characteristic of agri machinery:

1) Mango can be picked 20% faster than conventional devices.

2) Mango can be picked with the stem.

11. Mango refining machine:

Mango is a very fast perishable fruit. During the harvesting period, both temperature and humidity are high. About 20-30% mango rotten during post-harvest handling.  In research, it shows that anthracnose and stem-end rot can be prevented using hot water ( 50-550C).

Characteristic :

1) 8 electric heater of 2 kilowatts is used for heating water.

2) For controlling temperature digital control meter is used.

3) To bring plastic crates, a conveyor roller is used.

12. Hybrid dryer agri machinery:

Drying crops in sunlight is a very ancient method. Drying crops in open exposure to sunlight is a very cheap and easy method. But it is a slow process and it requires a large space for open drying. Again, on a cloudy day, there will a possibility of rain, and crops may be damaged by insects and animals in the open place. For this reason, the hybrid dryer is invented.

Characteristic :

1) it can be operated with both electricity and solar power.

2) the temperature of the dryer is 40-600 C

3) it has a huge retained capacity.

13. Compost separator:

Vermicompost  is one kind of fertilizer that can reduce the use of chemical fertilizer by 50 percent.  The costly and hard step of preparing vermicompost is to separate the earthworms and put the powders in packets of a certain size for marketing. Skilled labor is required to get the desired size of fertilizer through sieving.

14. BARI Coffee Grinder:

Grinding fried coffee beans is also an important step in coffee marketing. That’s why the coffee grinder that BARI has made costs three thousand takas. This machine can grind five kg of beans together, it will take 10 minutes

15. Nut threshing machine:

Groundnut cultivation is on the rise in the char areas of Bangladesh. To cultivate groundnuts in a wide area, it is necessary to remove the husk. This job is very laborious for farmers and time-consuming. On this concept Nut, a threshing machine has been developed.

16. Turmeric polisher:

The different steps of processing after collecting turmeric are cleaning, sorting, boiling, drying, polishing, and grinding. Every 40 kg of raw turmeric is boiled and dried and 8-10 kg of dried turmeric is obtained. Then you have to polish the turmeric before grinding to get the quality turmeric and its desired color. Turmeric polishing means removing the skin, roots, and other impurities of dried turmeric and getting bright, smooth, and yellowish tubers. Farmers usually fill their sacks, beat them with their hands. This work is time-consuming, arduous, and labor-intensive. But it repeatedly broke the sack. To alleviate the suffering of the farmers, the Department of Farm Agri Machinery and Postharvest Process Engineering of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute has developed a powerful turmeric polisher.

17. BARI coffee roaster – a bangladeshi agri machinery:

The most important step in coffee processing is to fry or roast green coffee over high heat. This results in chemical changes in green coffee to create aroma, color, and flavor. In Bangladesh, farmers do this in open pots or pans on ordinary stoves. The frying work is not done properly. The coffee roster that BARI has made will do this task properly. This machine will cost one lakh 60 thousand takas only.

18. BARI solar pump:

Average water discharge capacity is 140 liters per minute. Solar pump irrigation system in agriculture is an alternative to diesel-powered irrigation pump, pollution-free and environment friendly. There are 16.5 lakh irrigation systems in Bangladesh of which 85% are diesel-powered. As diesel prices continue to rise every year, the BARI Solar Pump could be an alternative to diesel-powered pumps.

Characteristic :

1. The centrifugal-type solar pump invented by Barry is suitable for surface water irrigation.

2. This pump can also draw water from a depth of 20 feet.

3. This pump does not require oil or fuel to operate.

5. This pump is powered by a 900-watt solar panel.

19. Drum seeder:

It is a seed sowing machine with six drums made of plastic. The drums are arranged one after the other on a 2.3 m long iron bar. There are two plastic wheels on each end of the iron bar and a handle for pulling the machine. Each drum is 25 cm in length and 55 cm in diameter and has two rows of holes at a distance of 20 cm at each end. If necessary, a row of holes can be closed with the help of rubber belts.

Characteristic :

1) Depending on the land and environment, paddy can be cultivated with this technology in Aus, Aman, and Boro seasons, but it is more suitable in Aus and Boro seasons.

2) The device is light and easy to carry. One person can sow seeds in at least 1 bigha of land per hour. If cultivated in this way, the crop ripens 10-15 days earlier than the transplanting method.

20. Piloting urea application device:

Nitrogen is a primary macronutrient for plants. To increase the efficiency of urea it should apply 6-7 cm depth of soil.  Though it has high demand and the effective use it is not popular among farmers because it may be placed by hand manually. This process is a very laborious and costly method.  so piloting urea using the agri machinery device is very useful for farmers.

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